Royal Greenwich Civic Awards 2022

South London Sikh Youth have been awarded a Volunteer Award by the Mayor of Royal Borough of Greenwich.
With Maharajs kirpa, all the hard work that volunteers put in to create and run Coronavirus Sikh Support, the continued effort that volunteers put into providing hot food for local organisation WSUP, the projects that we continue to run to assist local schools and other charitable organisations, has not gone unnoticed. Whilst we have always all been content with just the ability and opportunity to serve others, residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich took it upon themselves to nominate us for a Royal Greenwich Civic Award.
We had the opportunity to meet many award nominees, many organisations and individuals who through outstanding effort and determination, were able to help others over the last year. We sat in awe at the dedication of the members of the local community who were presented with awards in many different categories.
It is our pleasure to share that South London Sikh Youth, and by extension every volunteer involved with the services that we offer, have been presented with a Volunteer Award. We would like to thank Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for guiding us on a path that allows us to help others, thank every volunteer who has helped stand side by side with us, and thank every member of the local community (both Sikh and otherwise) who have supported our efforts or benefited from them in any way. Three of our Sevadars were nominated to collect this award, and you can find photos of the award ceremony below.
We would like to give special mention to the organisers of Guru Nanak Seva (formerly known as Guru Nanak Darbar Seva), Gurdwara Sahib Woolwich who both helped set up and create the services, and volunteers from Gurdwara Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Dartford and Ramgarhia Sahib Woolwich who were keen to support and assist. To this day, volunteers from South London Sikh Youth and Guru Nanak Seva, supported by members of the local community, continue to provide food for those who need it in the local areas around Woolwich and Erith. We are forever grateful for their continued service!
After the ceremony, there was indeed time for photos, and we were blessed to meet the individuals personally, share some lovely vegan food and feel reinvigorated for another year of helping the local community. Let us all see what we can do to help our neighbours, our friends in the community, as we continue to follow the path set out for us by Guru Nanak Dev Ji so many years ago! The act of Nishkam Seva (selfless service) is one which anyone and everyone can experience, and not only can it help others, but it can help us find a path/purpose in a time when that becomes more and more difficult elsewhere. 
For anyone reading this, thank you for your support!